Ma'Arif NU Cilongok

Tightening the gap between the job market and high school education

7°23'06.2"S 109°08'40.6"E

MA Ma’Arif NU Cilongok is a school that provides education to children living in rural Java. Students from this school are generally unable to afford a university education and therefore enter the job market directly after graduating from this school. Their skills, however, usually do not meet the demands of the job market and therefore students risk becoming unemployed. To tighten the gap between the job market and the skills of the students we have launched two programs. One on sewing and one on welding.

We have donated 2 welding machines and 10 sewing machines, which is currently facilitating weekly classes on these topics. Previously we ran on of our other projects on sustainability, Getting Along with Garbage, at this school. The target of this project is to tighten the gap between the job market and the high school education of the students.  Decreasing the risk of unemployment by investing in skills education that is targeted to the local economy ultimately benefits the opportunities of these students.

Cilongok, Central Java
We have provided the school with sewing machines and welding machines
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