Getting Along With Garbage

Raising awareness about the environment

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The target of this project is to raise awareness regarding the environment to the students, as well as equipping them with skills to grow their own vegetables and cook their own healthy meals.

Getting along with garbage is a 6 month project about recycling and healthy eating and living. Children are taught to separate garbage whilst enjoying a healthy meal. After this meal they will separate garbage in organic and non-organic parts. Organic parts are used to make compost, which subsequently is used to grow vegetables in the school garden, from which they cook their own meals at the end of the six-months. Non-Organic parts will be used to make plastic bags, they sell these bags to eventually become a self-sustaining project.

Our volunteer Bu Menik teaching the children about recycling practices.

We launched this project at two schools. The first one was at SD 3 Karangtengah in Cilongkok from February 2018 till July 2018. The second project was at Ma'Arif NU, also in Cilongkok, which ran from July 2019 till December 2019. At this school we later also launched a skills development program.

Putting skills to practice in the garden!

Teaching students about recycling and healthy eating/living.
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