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Official name
Stichting van Empel Goldman Foundation

According to article 2 of the articles of association the foundation aims on increasing opportunities for underprivileged children and to increase their life standard. This contains securing access to: good education, good healthcare and sufficient nutrition.

We are dedicated to contributing towards a world in which all children, regardless of their background, have equal opportunities. Opportunities that reach beyond the slums as a result of equal access to education, healthcare, and nutrition and contribute towards a better life standard. Mission: ​It is our mission to support education, healthcare and nutrition for underprivileged children.

EGF raises funds through fundraising events, private donors, and collaborations with companies.

The EGF board can only make decisions based on majority agreements. EGF is not-for-profit

EGF aims to keep expenses in relation to activities below 20%.

Irenelaan 25
3761 BL
The Netherlands

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The board members do not receive any compensation for their work. They work on a voluntary basis. The foundation does not have employees.

Isabelle van Empel
Casper Goldman

Board members:
Our board consists of three committed board members.
Sander Goldman is the father of founder Casper Goldman and Marcel van Empel is the father of founder Isabelle van Empel:

Sander Goldman – Chairman
Marcel van Empel  – Treasurer
Anja Wollan – Secretary Director

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