We are dedicated to improving living standards of underprivileged children in Indonesia and to enlarge their opportunities.


We firmly believe that education is the key to a better future, and we are guided by SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) 1, which is to eradicate poverty, and SDG 4 which is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all.


We have worked towards our goal by investing over €71.000 in educational projects.


27 million people still live under the national poverty line of $25 a month. In the light of the adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic investments in quality education are needed now more than ever.

educational themes

Our donations have covered a range of educational themes such as English language development, awareness around sustainability, developing skills for the job market, renovating facilities, and facilitating the transition to hybrid education (due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Our projects span across Indonesia and are located in Jakarta, Central Java, and Lombok and have impacted thousands of students.

Local partnerships

We have a local organization called Yayasan Trisula Mulya Bhakti, covering Jakarta and Central Java, and we have partnered with Laut Biru Project and the Titian Foundation on Lombok. 

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