Happy English

Teaching English underneath a flyover in a slum in north Jakarta

6°07'54.2"S 106°48'06.9"E

Happy English is a Sunday school located underneath a flyover in a slum in North-Jakarta. The English classes are scheduled every 2 weeks and are organized by the local community.

In 2019 we donated 100 folding tables, 8 whiteboards and stationery. The target of our project is to provide Happy English with the tools and materials they need to improve the quality of their education subsequently enlarging the impact the project already has.

Also, we ran our Covid-19 project within this community. For the future we have planned 2 different projects. The first one consists of a collaboration with students from Universitas Indonesia. The students from UI will run a program with the local volunteers to help improve their English and teaching skills. This way we will improve the education given to the children, but also improve the skills of the local volunteers and thereby reach several age groups within the community. The second planned project will be in collaboration with Happy Library. Happy Library is an organization founded by Sultan whose goal it is to reach building 100 libraries. We are currently developing a definitive plan for this project.

We have supported the project with 100 tables, 8 whiteboards and stationary. We also provided the community with Covid-19 necessities
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