Covid-19: keeping our communities safe

Curbing the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Penjaringan, Jakarta

6°07'54.2"S 106°48'06.9"E

The year 2020 has been characterized by the covid-19 pandemic. As the pandemic spread over different countries, it also reached our projects in Indonesia. We feel that we have a responsibility to contribute to keeping our communities safe. Therefore, we put a project in motion to curb the spread of the virus in the slum in which our project Happy English takes place. Our approach was two-fold.

On the one hand we raised awareness about what the virus is and what can be done to prevent/slow the spread. We did so by distributing flyers containing the needed information both physically and online reaching over 79.000 people within a 1km radius of our project. On the other hand, we distributed 265 bags with products that would equip households with the tools to follow the steps to prevent/slow the spread of the virus. These bags contained hands soap, hand sanitizer, face masks, and information flyers.

Children from the slum with their bags

To support projects related to the pandemic an emergency fund of €5.000 was established.

Contents of a bag with supplies

We provided the slum with around 270 bags with hand soap, hand sanitizer, face masks and information lfyers
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