Sekolah Master Indonesia

Furnishing and renovating classrooms made from containers

6°23'26.4"S 106°49'27.9"E

Sekolah Master Indonesia (SMI) is an informal school educating 2000 children from kindergarten to high school. If it wasn’t for SMI their students wouldn’t get an education due to various problems including homelessness, poverty and bad experiences.

Not only does SMI educate children they also take in students that have no other place to go to. SMI was founded by Nur Rohim who as a youngster was declined by all schools he applied for, his dream was to establish a school where everybody is welcome. He brought his dream to life by building SMI with the money he had inherited from his father. The goal of SMI is “Giving children the chance to make something beautiful out of their lives”.

Sekolah Master is a project that we first launched in 2018 in which we will renovate and furnish 6 classrooms. We have currently finalized two classrooms. In the near future we intend to build an outdoor classroom as well as an additional building made from containers.

Building the open air facility
We have currently finalized 2/6 classrooms
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