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Why supporting education matters when it comes to poverty

May 12, 2023

Why supporting education matters when it comes to poverty  

Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest poverty rates. In 2022, 9.54% (approximately 27 million people) of the Indonesian population lived below the poverty line. Thankfully, this percentage has been decreasing significantly since 2003, where it reached a level of 17,4%. However, this number is still very high. This is where education comes in.

Education has a negative influence on Indonesia's poverty level, as education enables individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills, which is crucial for development. Without education, a country cannot progress adequately. Education has a dual role in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty by increasing productivity. In the case of Indonesia, poverty rates are linked to economic growth, health, and education. Education plays a crucial role in equipping people with the necessary skills and knowledge to foster economic growth and development.

Let’s dive in deeper into where this poverty comes from. In Indonesia, high levels of poverty are apparent in multiple aspects of life, such as low economic growth, but also growth of overall health. It’s also important to note that wealth is not distributed equally, but rather unequally, evident in the Gini index of Indonesia which lies at 37.9. This further stipulates the need for countermeasures against poverty.

How do we help?

Our mission stems from our support of SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) 1, which is to eradicate poverty, and SDG 4 which is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all. With this in mind, we invest into small scale educational projects, involving a diverse range of educational themes, and spanning across multiple locations in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Central Java, and Lombok. Our latest project involves a collaboration with the Titian Foundation, with whom we are developing a community learning centre.

How can you help?

Our help is made possible by our generous donors. Donate now by clicking the donate button on the right top, or reach out to us for other ways to get involved! We are always looking for new opportunities, ideas, or volunteers.


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