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We have started building our Community Learning Centre!

April 27, 2023

In 2023 we started our collaboration with the Titian Foundation to work together on building a community learning center in Pemenang on North Lombok, and we are happy to announce that construction is well on it’s way!

In 2018, an earthquake hit North Lombok, causing deaths and destruction of homes, schools, businesses, and infrastructure. The Titian Foundation provided temporary help to the affected community and realized that students were unable to continue their education. They decided to set up a temporary community learning center, which currently supports 80 students and wanted to make it permanent with the aim of assisting up to 120 students within the first three years.

This is where we come in; after meeting with the Titian Foundation, a charity which shares a similar mindset to that of the Van Empel Goldman Foundation, as it is committed to helping disadvantaged communities in Indonesia by offering education and training opportunities, specifically targeting areas where access to education is restricted, in an effort to break the poverty cycle by providing access to quality education, we made the decision to come together to work towards these mutual goals.

Fast forward a few months, we are delighted to inform you about the current progress of the project. Namely, the first building blocks have hit the ground, and construction is progressing steadily. We are very excited about the project and its effect on the community, as the community learning center will act as a shared library, holding workshops and educational programs on diverse subjects to improve educational accessibility in the region. We will keep you posted on its development!

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