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Story from our project alumni…

September 13, 2022


When we visited MA MA’Arif NU Cilongok we met an alumnus of our skills development program. We love speaking to current and former students that have partaken in our projects. Pictured below/above is a student that was part of the fashion class that we supported by donating sewing machines and other equipment.


The student shows off the beautiful dress that she wore during her gradation and made herself with the skills gained in the fashion course. Now, she studies Mathematics at university and can support her living fees and tuition costs by running a fashion business on the side.


The story is a good example of what we aim to achieve with this project. Bridging the gap between the job market and a high school education, allowing students to make a living to support themselves in achieving their dreams, such as studying math. We are now exploring the possibilities of rolling out a scholarship program as a follow up for high potential students that have participated in one of our skill development programs.

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