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English activity at SDN 1 Sokong

September 2, 2022

Isabelle, Casper, Yaya (Yayasan Trisula), Nova (Laut Biru), and Adam (Laut Biru) organized an English language activity for the students at SDN 1 Sokong. SDN 1 Sokong is a school that was severely damaged in the 2018 earthquake and is still rebuilding.


Previously, in partnership with Laut Biru, we supported this school in their transition to hybrid education by providing them with interactive and national curriculum education in a backpack. During our visit the students demonstrated what they learned from our interactive education kits, Isabelle and Casper leveled up their Bahasa Indonesia, and the students leveled up their English.


In addition, all 5th grade students received a book, and all 6th grade students received an English book (with Bahasa Indonesia translations) as a gift for hosting us and as a way to further enhance their level of education. We also brought books for the soon the be renovated library.


In the future, we hope to support a number of the students with scholarships and access to a community center.

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